New Home Warranty Inespection
Service In Ocala, FL

Find Any Issues Before Your Warranty Expires

Hire us for your 11th-month home inspection in Dunnellon, The Villages or Ocala, FL

Not all problems are immediately found during your new-build inspection. That’s why Assured Home Inspections in Dunnellon, The Villages & Ocala, FL offers new home warranty inspections before the first year in your home is up. The purpose of this inspection is to check for and catch any problems still under warranty, so you don’t have to front the full cost of repairs.

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New Home Warranty Inspection
Find out what an 11th-month home inspection cover

Are you curious to know what’s included in your 11th-month home inspection? Some of the areas we thoroughly check include your:

Don’t wait until time runs out. Instead, contact Assured Home Inspections to schedule a new home warranty inspection now.

New Home Warranty Inspection