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Your search for a local roof inspector stops here. Assured Home Inspections is your source for reliable roof inspection services in the Dunnellon, The Villages or Ocala, FL area. We’ll assess the condition of your roof along with the gutters and downspouts, then let you know what we find.

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Roofing Inspection
Why should you trust a local roof inspector

With over 10 years of experience, we’re the specialists to trust for roof inspection services. As licensed inspectors, we have the training and knowledge needed to uncover potential dangers in your roofing system. After completing your inspection, we’ll provide a detailed report outlining what we find. You may use this information to help you decide which home to buy or if you need to schedule a repair.

Plan your inspection with a local roof inspector you can trust in Dunnellon, The Villages or Ocala, FL.

Roofing Inspection