Hire our licensed home inspection company serving The Villages, Ocala & Dunnellon, FL

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, you should never skip a home inspection when buying a home. Assured Home Inspections will provide a full home inspection and offer you peace of mind in The Villages, Ocala or Dunnellon, FL . Our licensed home inspection company will assess your property from top to bottom and alert you to any potential issues.

Contact Assured Home Inspections today to have an experienced home inspector examine your new home.

Uncover what your home is made of

Before you close on your new home, make sure you're making a sound investment. Our home inspection company will assess everything inside and outside of your home, including:

Plumbing | Electrical | HVAC | Fireplace | Insulation | Flooring | Appliances

Gutters and siding | Irrigation | Doors and windows | Garage | Yard drainage

Roof | Foundation | Basement/crawlspace | Attic | Drywall

We'll even check for radon, mold and signs of pest infestations. Call 772-812-9541 to schedule your full home inspection today.